Saturday, January 20, 2018

Propofol and rebound seizure

Q: Abrupt withdrawal of which of the following intravenous (IV) infusion drug may cause rebound seizures and should be "weaned off" with coverage of other anti-epileptic drugs during management of status epileptics?

A) Lorazepam
B) Propofol
C) Phenobabital
D) Phenytoin
E) Levetiracetam

Answer: B

Propofol should be weaned off as abrupt withdrawal of propofol may cause rebound seizures due to its very short half life. Coverage should be established with other longer-acting anti-epileptic drug. Lorazepam and Phenobarbital have relative longer half lives and provide good umbrella when short acting propofol is taken off.

Phenytoin and Levetiracetam are not given as IV infusion.


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