Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Q; Which of the following disease process may be a cause of dyslipidemia and may predispose patients to statin-induced muscle injury. A patient may need to be ruled out for it prior to the start of statin therapy?

A) Traumatic brain injury
B) Thyroid dysfunction
C) Inflammatory bowel disease
D) Amyloidosis
E) Auditory dysfunction

Answer: B

List is pretty long when it comes to describing statin's side-effects, interactions and possible association with other disease processes which include hepatic dysfunction, proteinuria, cognitive dysfunction, risk for diabetes mellitus, questionable increase of incidence of cancer, cataracts, neuropathy, drug-induced lupus, lower androgen levels in men, and risks in pregnancy.

Muscle toxicity is a well-known side effect of statins. Hypothyroidism is not only a potential cause of this but may also predispose patients to statin-induced muscle dysfunction. It would be of importance to check thyroid function before starting statin therapy.



1. Bar SL, Holmes DT, Frohlich J. Asymptomatic hypothyroidism and statin-induced myopathy. Can Fam Physician 2007; 53:428. 

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