Thursday, May 31, 2018

Deep veins of lower extremity

Q: All of the following are deep veins in lower extremity except?

A) Small saphenous vein 

B) Common iliac vein 
C) Deep femoral vein 
D) Superficial femoral vein
E) Popliteal vein 

Answer:  A

The objective of above question is to highlight the misnomer of the superficial femoral vein (choice D). It is a deep vein and its thrombosis should be considered as a deep venous thrombosis. Fortunately, all recent texts have omitted superficial from 'superficial femoral vein'.  Misnomer may be due to the fact that it is relatively superficial to deep femoral vein but still, it is part of all deep veins of the lower extremity, and should be addressed only as 'femoral vein'.

Out of all of the above choices, only small saphenous vein (choice A) is a superficial vein of the lower extremity.

(S for superficial and S for saphenous!)



Dong-Kyu Lee, Kyung-Sik Ahn, Chang Ho Kang, Sung Bum Cho. Ultrasonography of the lower extremity veins: anatomy and basic approach. Ultrasonography 2017; 36(2): 120-130.

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