Thursday, October 13, 2011

Role of rTPA in Frostbite!

Thrombolytic therapy will decrease the incidence of amputation when administered within 24 hours of exposure. One study published in 2007 from University of Utah, Salt Lake City 1. 32 patients with (frostbite) digital involvement (hands, 19%; feet, 62%; both, 19%) were identified. Seven patients received tPA, 6 within 24 hours of injury. The incidence of digital amputation in patients who did not receive tPA was 41%. In those patients who received tPA within 24 hours of injury, the incidence of amputation was reduced to 10%. Authors concluded that Tissue plasminogen activator improved tissue perfusion and reduced amputations when administered within 24 hours of injury.

1. Reduction of the Incidence of Amputation in Frostbite Injury With Thrombolytic Therapy - Arch Surg. 2007;142:546-553.

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