Saturday, March 3, 2012

Geneva score for PE

Variable Score
60–79 years 1
80+ years 2
Previous venous thromboembolism
Previous DVT or PE 2
Previous surgery
Recent surgery within 4 weeks 3
Heart rate
Heart rate >100 beats per minute 1
PaCO2 (partial pressure of CO2 in arterial blood)
<35mmHg 2
35-39mmHg 1
PaO2 (partial pressure of O2 in arterial blood)
<49mmHg 4
49-59mmHg 3
60-71mmHg 2
72-82mmHg 1
Chest X-ray findings
Band atelectasis 1
Elevation of hemidiaphragm 1

The score obtained relates to the probability of the patient having had a pulmonary embolism (the lower the score, the lower the probability):
  • less than 5 points indicates a low probability of PE
  • 5 - 8 points indicates a moderate probability of PE
  • More than 8 points indicates a high probability of PE

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