Saturday, December 13, 2014

On restraints, delirium and open visting hours in ICU

One of the trick which has been suggested and has been used successfully by nursing staff, but still under utilized is getting family online /phone/ even cam (if privacy insured) with patient.

"Parikh recalled a night during his residency rotation where instead of restraining a patient, the medical team in the ICU reoriented the patient by reminding him where he was and the time of day, offered him medication to treat his anxiety, and called his wife and put her on the telephone to provide a familiar voice. "The patient eventually calmed down without the need for restraints or other aggressive interventions, and the next morning his mental status improved," he wrote. "I hope that stories like his can become the standard, not the exception, in the ICU."

In this regards, read the following article - a hot debate in Critical Care community - regarding open ICU hours for family:

Practice Alert: family-visitation-adult-icu **

* RAVI PARIKH - Rethinking Hospital Restraints -


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