Monday, September 21, 2015

Q: In recent years, use of prepared fibrinogen concentrate ((RiaSTAP) has been on rise in ICU for active bleeding where hypofibrinogenemia is suspected. Though expensive, it is quickly available and have instant effect in comparison to availability and infusion of cryoprecipitate. What is the formula to calculate its dose?


Dose (mg) = [Target fibrinogen level (mg/dL) – measured fibrinogen level] ÷ 1.7 x body weight (kg) 

If fibrinogen level is not known, One vial should be administered, which is usually a dose of 70 mg/kg for an average adult.


Franchini M, Lippi G. Fibrinogen replacement therapy: a critical review of the literature. Blood Transfus 2012; 10:23.

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