Sunday, March 12, 2017

Q: In necrotising fasciitis/myositis, which of the following is most reliable/sensitive? 

A) Plain x-ray 
B) CT scan without contrast 
D) Ultrasound 
E) PET scan

Answer: B

Contrary to expectation, MRI is not as useful as CT scan without contrast in the diagnosis of necrotising fasciitis/myositis as MRI's over sensitivity overestimates deep tissue involvement and cannot provide demarcation between necrotizing cellulitis and deeper infection!

Ultrasound lacks sensitivity as soft tissue swelling from any cause is hard to distinguish from necrotising etiology.

PET scan has no role in the diagnosis of necrotising fasciitis/myositis, and is used by autor of this MCQ to fill up five choices :)

Clinical exam and surgical approach is still the gold standard in the diagnosis of necrotising fasciitis/myositis.


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