Saturday, January 27, 2018

Atropine test for Brain Death Determination

Q: The atropine test is considered positive for brain death determination if the heart rate response to intravenous injection of 2-3 mg atropine shows 

A) an increase in heart rate less than 3 percent
B) an increase in heart rate less than 10 percent
C) a decrease in heart rate more than 3 percent
D) a decrease in heart rate more than 10 percent
E) Patient develops ventricular tachycardia

Answer: A

The atropine test assesses bulbar parasympathetic activity on heart activity in brain-dead patients. 2-3 mg of atropine is injected under continuous monitoring of the EKG over 10 minutes. The test is considered negative if heart rate is not increased by more than 3%.


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