Saturday, March 31, 2018

Pupils in hypothermia

Q: Hypothermia causes? (select one)

A) Unreactive pupils
B) Hyperreactive pupils

Answer: A

In patients who present with hypothermia, this is an important clinical sign to know as it may quickly deceive the examiner and may lead to false diagnosis with other signs of hypothermia. A recent work from Mayo 1 shows that it may take at least up to 3 days before any definitive assessment can be made, and actually, a good outcome is possible in some of these patients.



1. Dhakal LP and et al - Early Absent Pupillary Light Reflexes After Cardiac Arrest in Patients Treated with Therapeutic Hypothermia. Ther Hypothermia Temp Manag. 2016 Aug;6(3):116-21.

2. Fischbeck KH, Simon RP. Neurological manifestations of accidental hypothermia. Ann Neurol 1981; 10:384.

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