Friday, July 6, 2018

response of benzodiazepine in convulsive status epilepticus

Q: How long one should wait to see the response of  benzodiazepine in patients with convulsive status epilepticus before administrating the repeat dose?

Answer:  one minute

First line of treatment in patients with convulsive status epilepticus is lorazepam with either the calculated dose of 0.1 mg/kg IV (2 mg/min) or a 4 mg fixed dose. It takes about one minute to see the full response of lorazepam as it is a lipophilic drug. If intravenous access is not available In the pre-hospital 10 mg of intramuscular (IM) midazolam can be given as an alternative.



Brophy GM, Bell R, Claassen J, et al. Guidelines for the evaluation and management of status epilepticus. Neurocrit Care 2012; 17:3.

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