Saturday, August 11, 2018

Blood warmer in blood product transfusions

Q: Use of blood warmer is preferred during transfusion of all of the following blood products except? (select one)

A) RBC units 

B) Plasma products 
C) Cryoprecipitate 
D) Platelets 
E) C & D

Answer: E

Use of blood warmer is highly recommonded during transfusion of cold and previously thawed blood products including pRBC and fresh frozen plasma (FFP). Transfusion without blood warmer may induce clinically significant hypothermia causing coagulopathy. Cryoprecipitate is required to be thawed to room temperature and does not requires blood warmer (choice C). Also, platelets are stored at room temperature and use of blood warmer is not necessary (choice D) 2.



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