Wednesday, August 8, 2018

CXR pearl

Q: Equalization of blood vessels on CXR ( upper and basal vessels are equally dilated) occurs in all of the following except

A) left ventricular failure 
B) left-to-right shunts 
C) hyperthyroidism 
D) pregnancy 
E) anemia 

 Answer:  A

Meticulous reading of chest-X-ray (CXR) can provide valuable information on underlying disease. "Cephalization" on CXR means the upper lobe vessels are more dilated than the basal vessels is the hallmark of the diseases like left ventricular failure, mitral valve stenosis, basal emphysema or patients lying in recumbent patients. 

Similarly equalization or balanced flow is seen in hyperdynamic circulation as left-to-right shunts, hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, or anemia. 



Ravin CE. Pulmonary vascularity: radiographic considerations. J Thorac Imaging 1988; 3:1.

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