Monday, September 24, 2018

Rockall, Blatchford, and AIMS65 scoring systems

Q: Rockall, Blatchford, and AIMS65 - are the scoring system to assess the severity of

A) Pneumonia
C) Upper gastro-intestinal  (GI) bleed
D) Increase intra-cranial pressure
E) Liver failure

Answer: C

All of the said scores assess the severity of upper GI bleed. The Rockall score 1,2  can be used only when endoscopic data is available. In contrast, the Glasgow Blatchford score 3 is useful when the patient is seen for the first time clinically. The simpler version of Blatchford score is called a modified Glasgow Blatchford score 4.  AIMS65 5 is an easy mnemonic. It stands for Albumin, INR, Mental status, Systolic blood pressure and Age (older than 65 years).

All these scores are available online and have been rigorously tested. 6, 7



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