Friday, April 5, 2019

Glucose level in malaria

Q: Which of the following is the sign of poor prognosis in severe malaria? (select one)

A) Hyperglycemia
B) Hypoglycemia

Answer: B

Hypoglycemia is not uncommon in malaria and may be an indicator of poor outcome. It occurs due to  decrease hepatic gluconeogenesis, depletion of hepatic glycogen stores, and increase consumption of glucose. Another very interesting cause of hypoglycemia in severe malaria is Quinine-induced hyperinsulinemia.



Gilbert N Ogetii, Samuel Akech, Julie Jemutai, Mwanamvua Boga, Esther Kivaya, Greg Fegan and Kathryn Maitland -  Hypoglycaemia in severe malaria, clinical associations and relationship to quinine dosage BMC Infectious Diseases 2010 10:334

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