Monday, May 20, 2019

LA in ethylene glycol poisoning

Q: The major reason for lactic acidosis in ethylene glycol poisoning is? (select one) 

A) laboratory error 
B) Impaired mitochondrial function

Answer: A

It is true that patients with ethylene glycol poisoning have some portion of lactic acidosis from true tissue ischemia (Type A Lactic acidosis) but most reported high lactate in ethylene glycol poisoning is due to the fact that many counters/devices in the laboratory cannot distinguish lactate from glycolate, which is structurally similar to lactate and a metabolite of ethylene glycol.




Pernet P, Bénéteau-Burnat B, Vaubourdolle M, et al. False elevation of blood lactate reveals ethylene glycol poisoning. Am J Emerg Med 2009; 27:132.e1.

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