Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Q: Which one is correct for Auto-PEEP? (select one)

A) Auto-PEEP = end-expiratory alveolar pressure - applied PEEP

B) Auto-PEEP = end-inspiratory alveolar pressure - applied PEEP

Answer: A

Positive end-expiratory pressure is called PEEP. It is applied from the ventilator to avoid a complete collapse of alveoli at the end of the expiration. But less than the desired volume of expired air before the start of the next breath may result in air trapping and increases alveolar pressure at the end of expiration. This is called auto-PEEP. 
It can have life-threatening consequences if not addressed before time.

Auto-PEEP can be quantified at the bedside by applying a breath-hold at end-expiratory and calibrating the airway pressure while the ventilator stays at breath-hold. Taking off applied PEEP from this value gives the Auto-PEEP.




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  1. Autopeep is the total PEEP when end expiratory hold PEEP > applied PEEP. There is no contribution from the ventilator. The gas trapped in the alveoli results in the autopeep