Friday, August 9, 2019


Q: All of the following are possible effects of Ketamine except?

A) 'Out of body' experience
B) Amnesia 
C) Dilatation of pupils 
D) Increased muscle tone 
E) Absence-like effect

Answer:  CNS effects of Ketamine include a wide variety of symptoms. It includes agitation, dissociation, inability to sense pain, hallucination, ataxia, nystagmus. In abuse and with emergence reactions, patients may also experience extreme agitation, fear, and psychiatric disturbance. The typical presentation of ketamine abusers who present for medical evaluation is impaired consciousness, vivid dreams, "out of body" experiences, illusions, euphoria, and fear. It also causes amnesia, dilatation of pupils, increased muscle tone, and absence-like effect.

In severe overdose, ketamine may cause coma.



Green SM, Li J. Ketamine in adults: what emergency physicians need to know about patient selection and emergence reactions. Acad Emerg Med 2000; 7:278.

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