Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sexually Inappropriate Behavior in Dementia

Q: 72 year old male with senile dementia is admitted in ICU with community-acquired pneumonia. While recovering from pneumonia, he continues to display episodes of agitation and sexually inappropriate behavior. Which of the following gastro-intestinal (GI) drug is found to be effective in Sexually Inappropriate Behavior in Dementia?

A) Cimetidine 
B) Bismuth subsalicylate 
C) Omeprazole 
D) Metoclopramide

Answer: A

Cimetidine is an H2 receptor antagonist but also carries anti-androgen effects via blocking the androgen receptor in the pituitary or the hypothalamus. It reduces both arousal and orgasm.



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2. Anand Beri, Alan Smith. Cimetidine Treatment of Sexually Inappropriate Behavior in Dementia: A Case Report and Literature Review. Annals of Long-Term Care: Clinical Care and Aging. 2015;23(6):39-42.

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