Friday, July 31, 2020

Glucose in TH

Q: Hyperglycemia during Therapeutic Hypothermia (TH) is due to? (select one) 

A) insulin resistance 
B) increase body metabolism

Answer: A

Patients under therapeutic hypothermia are usually sedated with neuromuscular blockade on board in most of the standard protocols. Their body metabolism is actually low. Hyperglycemia during TH is due to insulin resistance. These patients require higher than normal doses of insulin. 
Said that close monitoring is required as many of these patients may have also encountered 'shock liver' and may have a caveat of hypoglycemia.



1. Cueni-Villoz N, Devigili A, Delodder F, et al. Increased blood glucose variability during therapeutic hypothermia and outcome after cardiac arrest. Crit Care Med 2011; 39:2225.

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