Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Anion gap

 Q: The normal anion gap with use of ion-selective electrodes is? (select one)

A) 12 +/- 4 mEq/L 

B) 8 +/- 4 mEq/L 

C) 6 +/- 3 mEq/L

Answer: C

The objective of this question is to introduce to the readers that the anion gap value largely depends on lab instruments. It is even more relevant than adjusting for albumin level. Although, this is true that traditionally and still 12 +/- 4 mEq/L has been used as a normal anion gap but labs now mostly use ion-selective electrodes for measurement. The formula for the anion gap is Serum AG = Na - (Cl + HCO3), and this method reports higher serum chloride concentrations. 

It has been more than ever important to know the method and normal range reported by the specific lab.



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