Monday, September 27, 2021

post-pericardiotomy syndrome

Q: In cardiac surgery which of the following has the LEAST occurrence in post-pericardiotomy syndrome? 

A) Pericardial effusion 
B) Cardiac tamponade 
C) Elevated C-reactive protein 
D) Pericardial rub 
E) ECG changes 

Answer: B

Although some level of pericardial effusion occurs in almost 90 percent of the patients after cardiac surgery, overt cardiac tamponade occurs in only about 2 percent of the cases. 

Another interesting phenomenon i.e., the classic ST elevation in all leads of EKG can be noticed only in one-fourth of the patients but high CRP can be obtained in three-fourth of the patients. 

Other common findings are pleuritic chest pain, fever, and pericardial rub.



Imazio M, Brucato A, Rovere ME, et al. Contemporary features, risk factors, and prognosis of the post-pericardiotomy syndrome. Am J Cardiol 2011; 108:1183.

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