Monday, March 3, 2014

Picture Diagnosis


Cutaneous Leishmaniasis pictures

Answer: Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis is marked by itchy sores and swelling of lymph nodes on arms, legs or face. Over time, the sores develop a red raised border and a depression in the middle.

Leishmaniasis is found through much of the Americas from Argentina to Texas. The disease is also found across much of Asia and in the Middle East. Kabul is the largest center of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the world.

Leishmaniasis is diagnosed in the laboratory by direct visualization of the Leishman-Donovan bodies, from peripheral blood or aspirates from marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, or skin lesions.

Miltefosine is an oral medication that is effective against both visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis. 

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