Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Case: 30-year female presented with complain of mild shortness of breath. Patient sodium was 139 meq/l, Potassium was 3.5meq/l, Chloride was 107meq/l, bicarbonate was 20. Patient pH on arterial blood gas revealed pCO2of 25 and pH of 7.45. What is the underlying acid base disturbances.
A) Metabolic acidosis
B) Metabolic Alkalosis
C) Respiratory acidosis
D) Respiratory alkalosis

Answer: D.  -  Respiratory Alkalosis

Rationale: Patient ph is 7,45 making it alkalosis, and the bicarbonate is not high, whereas the pCO2 on arterial blood gas is low suugestive of respiratory alkalosis, as can be seen in the pregnant patient or in severe acute anxiety.

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