Friday, July 1, 2016

Q: What is Duke Treadmill score?

Answer: The Duke Treadmill Score (DTS) is an index combining treadmill exercise time using standard Bruce protocol, maximum net ST segment deviation (depression or elevation), and exercise-induced angina. It provides diagnostic and prognostic information in patients with suspected coronary heart disease. 

DTS = Exercise Time - (5 x Max ST) - (4 x Angina Index)
  • Treadmill exercise time in minutes
  • Max ST = Maximum net ST deviation (except in lead aVR) 
  • Angina Index has 3 levels :: 0 = No angina during exercise,  1 = Non-limiting angina,   2 = Exercise limited angina 
 DTS Duke treadmill score
  • More than or equal to +5 is Low risk 
  • +4 to -10 is Moderate risk
  • Less than or equal to -11 High risk

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