Saturday, October 27, 2018

Bronchopleural fistula closure

Q: In patients with Broncho-pleural Fistula (BPF), if treatment via interventional bronchoscopy is taken, what is the cutoff point to use devices instead of only occlusive materials? 

 A) BPF ≥ 3 mm 
 B) BPF ≥ 5 mm 
 C) BPF ≥ 8 mm 
 D) BPF at the proximal level 
 E) C and D

Answer: E

When it comes to treating BPF via interventional bronchoscopy, t
here are two criteria to decide between using occlusive materials or devices such as stents, Amplatzer devices or combining them with sealants is 

  •  BPF ≥8 mm, and/or 
  • proximal fistulas (level of a major bronchus)



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