Friday, March 22, 2019

hung up reflexes

Q: Woltman sign, also known as "hung-up" deep tendon reflexes on clinical examination is a sign of? (select one) 

A) Hypothyroidism 
B) Hyperthyroidism 


"hung-up" deep tendon reflexes on clinical examination are due to delayed muscle relaxation - and is a frequent finding in myopathy secondary to hypothyroidism. It is more evident in severe hypothyroidism and is considered a classic sign of this disease. 

(Reference has a video demonstration included. Click on the link)




Cyriac S, d'Souza SC, Lunawat D, Shivananda P, Swaminathan M. A classic sign of hypothyroidism: a video demonstration. CMAJ. 2008;179(4):387.

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